Funeral Ceremony

We understand that saying goodbye is never easy. My compassionate funeral service package helps make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. With my celebrant services, we can create a service that truly reflects the person you have lost. I'll meet with you and your family at a time and place that suits best, and listen to stories of their life to paint a picture of who they were. My goal is to create a meaningful and heartfelt funeral service that honours their memory and provides comfort to those left behind. Contact me to learn more about our funeral service package and how we can support you during this difficult time.

Funeral or Memorial Service Standard Fee - $600

What's included?

For a Funeral or Memorial Service the fee is all-inclusive and covers:

  • In-person meeting where we can discuss needs and content.
  • Follow-up phone calls or emails to clarify and confirm details.
  • Travel to wherever you need.
  • Help to plan the order of service.
  • Writing the ceremony.
  • Eulogy writing if required, or offer assistance to anyone who wishes to write it.
  • Assist with selecting content such as music, readings, poetry, etc.
  • Conducting the service according to your wishes.


Celebrations are gaining more meaning for rituals such as:

  • Sand Ceremony
  • Candle Ceremony
  • Butterfly Release

Funerals are an important part of life. They provide a chance to celebrate the individual’s journey and commemorate their memory with dignity, comfort, and respect for all involved in this process-the family members who have lost someone they love; friends old or new whose lives will be changed by death.; funeral celebrants themselves - carrying on something very special from generations past, While there isn't one way that fits every situation, I try hard not only offer the very best service, I am also available for guidance and suggestions.